Rotary Dryers

Rotary Dryers


Westec offers a full range of rotary dryers for a variety of uses. Since 1986, Westec America LLC has provided our customers with the highest quality rotary dryer equipment and machinery. Westec rotary dryers are available for various industries such as wood processing and forestry, municipal and industrial waste, agri-business, food, and feed processing. From rotary dryers for drying wood particles for particleboard manufacture to rotary dryers used for drying sewage for fuel and landfilling, Westec can help. Contact us to learn more about our industrial rotary dryers.

Rotary Dryer Sizes

Manufactured in both single pass and in triple-pass configurations, of various sizes, allowing us to apply them correctly to each customers specific drying needs.

Triple-Pass and Single Pass Rotary dryers from 8’ to 16’ in diameter with lengths ranging from 32’ to 84’ installed in both single and dual (sequential) configurations.

Wood & Forest Products

Agri-Business/Food & Feed Processing

Municipal/Industrial Waste Industries

Some key benefits of a Westec Drying System for your process application will be: