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Tube (flash) dryers are custom designed for each user's process and are then manufactured to suit that special application.  Tube Dryers are built in many configurations and arrangements using various materials of construction.

Tube (flash) dryers are used in the following industry applications:

Wood and Forest Industry

Drying of wood fibers for M.D.F. panelboard manufacturing.

Drying of wood fibers for molded doorskin manufacturing.

Drying of small wood particles for the composite panel industry.

Drying of pulp fibers for the pulp and paper industry.

Drying of recycled paper fibers for the insulation manufacturing industry.

Agri-Business/Food and Chemical Processing

Drying of chemicals and powders.

Drying of coffee and similar food products for the food industry.

Westec will design a dehydration system to specifically suit your process and its needs

Some key benefits of a Westec Drying System for your process application will be:

An engineered system specific to your goals and needs.

A controlled, safe drying system operation.

The ability to utilize different heat energy sources, both direct and indirect, including recovery of waste energy.

Staged drying to preserve product quality and save additives costs.

A high level of evaporation efficiency at safe product considerate temperatures.

Interfacing of the drying process to result in an environmentally correct system operation.

Quality equipment that is truly cost effective.

Fast on-line at full production operations with minimum maintenance/downtime.

Systems that fulfill and surpass your requirements and buying expectations.

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