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Dryers, ovens, coolers, etc. are needed in many processing applications. In most instances, these will be custom designed or specially built systems to suit the user's process requirements. Westec can design, engineer, and manufacture specialty drying systems and ovens for applications such as:

Laboratory and testing facilities.

Curing ovens, batch or continuous.

Entry pre-flash sections as additions for existing dryers.

Dryers for chemicals, powders, clays, and salts.

Tell us about your process and drying needs. Our customers have contributed heavily to Westec system developments. An interchange of ideas from our customers, their operators, engineers, servicemen, and plant workers produces constant improvements and developments. Westec has gained an awareness of how to correct drying and heating system problems and has personnel ready to solve our customers' drying and processing problems.

Westec designs dehydration systems specifically to suit your process requirements.

Westec systems will provide you real benefits.

A truly custom engineered system specific to your goals and needs.

Quality equipment that will be truly cost effective

Fast on-line at full production operations with minimum maintenance and downtime.

Systems that fulfill and surpass your requirements and buying expectations.

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