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Westec America LLC is constantly expanding our product lines by developing equipment that adds quality to and reduces operating costs of our customers' processes. These "other products," in many cases, are supplied in addition to our drying systems to fulfill specific customer requests for new and improved systems and technology.


The following are some of the specialty "other products" that are available from Westec:

"Conditioning systems" to add heat and humidity to hydroscopic fiberous materials (i.e. wood fibers) using any form of indirect heating plus direct steam injection.

Low maintenance "transfer systems" for handling particulate contaminated and vapor laden air streams enroute to cleaning and environmental control equipment. The pneumatic conveyance systems are used in applications such as press venting, recycle systems, exhausts from dryers, ovens, stacks, etc. to abatement devices like RCO's.

"Vapor (VOC) separation systems" for the M.D.F. fiber industry made to extract vapors with VOC from the fiber stream entering the M.D.F. dryer. Extraction allows greatly reduced environmental abatement costs as the extracted flow is a small/concentrated volume, ready for thermal destruction.

"Burners and combustion systems" configured and applied for process heating to minimize environmental impacts and maximize operational safety and control. Fuels include fossil, producer gases, and solid (biomass) types.

Pneumatic "air density separating (cleaning) systems" for grit and metals separation from the dried process material flow.  Separation becomes an integrated part of a pneumatic transport air system.

"Heat recovery systems" to efficiently recover waste heat from exhaust streams while applying the recovered heat back to compatible heat using points in the manufacturing process (i.e. boiler flue heat to process and building heating service).

We look forward to hearing of your special needs. Please allow us to provide our systems' expertise to help improve your operations.

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