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Flakeboard America Inc. (formerly Weyerhaeuser Company) – Duraflake in Albany, Oregon has installed two Westec Three Pass Rotary Dryers and related M.A.C.T abatement air systems for their Particle Board plant expansion Project.   The dryer systems include a 62ft. long “Face” Dryer as well as a 70ft. long “Green” Dryer – each capable of drying up to 70,000 O.D. lb/hr of wet wood particles.  Westec supplied all of the Mechanical Design, Dryer Components, Control Logic and Structural Engineering for the Dryer Systems and their supports.  Both dryer-systems were commissioned at the end of 2006.



Langboard Corporation in Quitman, Georgia has installed two Large Westec Single Pass O.S.B. rotary dryers and related air systems for their O.S.B plant expansion Project.  Westec supplied two 16ft.diameter x 84ft. Long Single Pass Rotary Dryers, all of the dryers’ air system components, Control Logic, Mechanical and Structural Engineering.   The systems were commissioned in 2005.

            Contact: (229) 263-8943



Weyerhaeuser Company - Simsboro, Louisiana purchased two Three Pass Westec drying systems for their particleboard plant modernization project. These drying drums interface with Westec designed press/ line exhaust recovery systems and were started-up in the Summer of 2002.

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Plum Creek M.D.F. - Columbia Falls, Montana started operation of their No. 2 continuous M.D.F. press line.  The Westec fiber dryer comprises a large 84 inch by 350 ft. long tube followed by a second-stage drying tube that is 45 inch diameter.  Both dryers’ heating is from a sanderdust burner with Westec blending furnace and hot gas clean-up systems.  The Westec second stage dryer exhausts back into the first-stage dryer inlet.  The first-stage dryer exhausts (270,000 ACFM) into a wet scrubber and then into a large bio-filtration system.  The Westec systems reached full design production levels in late 2001 and has from it’s initial start-up met the customer’s requirements and expectations.

            Contact:  (406) 892-6200


Boise Cascade Corporation, Elma,Washington has installed a Westec Three Pass wood flake drying system for their new wood plastic composite siding plant located at Elma, Washington.  The Westec drying system was selected because of its very low drying temperatures along with its low exhaust emissions and fully recycled operation.  The system started up in the spring of 2002.

            Contact:  (360) 482-0834


Weyerhaeuser Company has contracted with Westec to provide assistance with the application and interfacing of RCO abatement devices at ten (10) of their panel manufacturing facilities.  Westec provided layout, design, and engineering assistance in order to concentrate and minimize exhaust volumes from the existing processes before they are abated in the RCO equipment.  Westec’s design included press enclosures for VOC capture, including drying system, recycle systems, and dryer air system upgrades.  The work included design of interfacings between existing emission points and the RCO inlet.  Systems were applied at Zwolle, LA; Emerson, AR; Dodson, LA; and Chester, SC veneer mills; and at Malvern, AR and Eugene, OR; M.D.F. plants; and at Simsboro, LA; Bend, OR; and Albany, OR particleboard plants. 

Contact: (541) 928-3341 or (541) 917-6313


Carter Holt Harvey’s state-of-the-art M.D.F. plant in Tasmania, Australia, operates two Westec wood dust fired M.D.F. primary dryers plus two steam heated Westec blender/relay second-stage dryers.   The plant continues to set new production and quality levels.

            Contact: (011-61-3) 6382-9300


Jeld-Wen Corporation operates Westec M.D.F. fiber drying systems in all six of their North American molded doorskin plants.  The Australian Jeld-Wen doorskin plants at Oberon and Ipswich also have Westec dryers.

            Contact:  (541) 883-3373


Aconcagua Timber Corporation at Shippenville, Pennsylvania continues to run at full production using a Westec two-stage M.D.F. drying system that is heated from an E.P.I. fluid bed burner.  The 84 inch diameter primary tube, plus 48 inch diameter secondary, makes this the biggest (capacity) single drying system in North America.  The Clarion facility also operates a Westec fiber conditioning system that classifies, heats, and re-humidifies the dried fibers before their delivery to the fiber-forming machine.  Westec systems provide reliability and high production operations for this world class M.D.F. facility.

            Contact:  (814) 226-8961


Weyerhaeuser Company at their Heaters, West Virginia O.S.B. plant continues to set new production and quality levels in one of North America’s largest O.S.B. mills.  The mill uses four Westec three plus three-pass rotary drums for drying their surface and core layer strands.  The dryers are wet wood fuel heated and are abated to the highest industry standards.  The dryers operate at low temperatures (700oF to 900oF) and provide soft handling of the mixed hardwood strands.  The three plus three dryers represent the most advanced and cost effective technology for low temperature O.S.B. strand drying.

            Contact:  (304) 765-4200


Langboard Corporation at its Willacoochee, Georgia facility is manufacturing high volumes of industrial quality M.D.F. using Westec drying and mat conditioning systems.  The plant’s three drying systems are flue gas heated from an E.P.I. fluid bed burner and are W.E.S.P. abated.  The formed mat being delivered to the hot press is conditioned to temperatures in the 110oF to 125oF range.

            Contact:  (912) -534-5959


Ainsworth Lumber Company Ltd., Grand Rapids, Minnesota has taken delivery of a second pair of Westec O.S.B. Three-Pass strand drying drums.  The addition of these two high strand capacity drums completes their conversion to all Westec drying systems.  The dryer conversions were made to increase strand drying production.  The plant reports dryer throughput increases of 15% to 20% over the replaced conventional three-pass drums.

            Contact:  (218) 327-3650


Langboard Corporation in Quitman, Georgia has also installed two Three Pass Westec O.S.B. rotary drums, replacing units originally manufactured by a Westec competitor.  The Westec dryers have increased drying capacity beyond the capabilities of the original drums and have lowered operating temperatures.  Langboard reports improved dryer operations and strand quality with the Westec dryers.

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