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Westec's staff provides a full range of all engineering, including civil, structural, mechanical, piping, and electrical control disciplines. Westec's engineering services are used by our customers when directly related to the drying processes/areas of their plants and are often expanded to cover a much broader scope of plant engineering for consulting, construction, and implementation of larger project scopes. This complete engineering approach allows Westec to provide our equipment and engineering as well as technical help and assistance to whatever level of involvement our customers may need.


Westec Engineering and technical services are available to you for the following engineering requirements.

Custom System Engineering done to the Buyer's Specifications:

for proprietary and non-disclosure projects.

Conceptual System Planning Assistance:

for existing system modification.

for new system functions and arrangements.

Analytical "On-Site" Inspections and Assistance:

for existing systems and operations analysis.

for troubleshooting and correction recommendations.

for production optimization.

for staff training and educational seminars.


for project/system feasibility and documentation.

for economics review and R.O.I. determination.

for comprehensive system specification development.

for computer modeling and system simulation.

for air quality compliance, applications, and review.

for dryer - structural analysis and integrity verification.

for investigation of any technical discipline relating to dehydration, combustion, psychrometrics, hygroscopicity, aerodynamics, including heat transfer, transfer medias, materials handling, air quality, etc.

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